As part of our on going commitment to introduce new ideas and animals to our services we recently introduced 6 male reindeer to our family of animals.


Axel – aka THE BOSS he is the ring leader and has a very cheeky temperament when at home.  He is always the first out and last in on an evening but when he is in the public eye he is a true gentleman!



Levi – Axel’s partner in crime is a little easier pursued at home but in the public eye he is the one who is happy to let Axel have all the fuss and attention.

Skylar – Mummy’s baby will do anything pretty much anywhere as long as his mum is with him.  He is as laid back at home as he is when he is out. He is quite a little poser and loves having his photo taken with the people he meets when he is out and about.





Yorick – Skylar’s partner in crime will do anything at home.  He will follow us everywhere and is a big softy who is happy to be given a gentle stroke then he likes to just be admired!


Magnus – Aka Max – A very cheeky boy at home who likes to give us the run around at home and when he is out.  He is happy to stand back and watch the world go by.


Niklass – Aka Nevil – Max’s sidekick!  They never go anywhere without each other as together they are invincible


Max/Nevil started as a joke because when they arrived at our home Becky likes to have name themes and the reindeer theme is Scandinavian/Norwegian names as this is were our reindeer are imported from originally, the Joke is always on Becky to have some wired and wonderful name for the animals so the joke this time was that none could either pronounce or remember the names Magnus or Niklass so they thought of a name that sounded something like and arrived at Max and Nevil and it has just stuck.

We have spent huge amounts of time with the boys and as a result we have built up great relationships with them all. There presence instantly adds magic and sparkle to any festive event weather it be Christmas light switch on to the most amazing winter wedding, all the boys are harness trained and so delivering Santa is what they love most.

Again we can provide a package to suit all requirement we offer :

  • Light switch on events
  • Santa delivery
  • Festivals & Fates
  • Private hire
  • Parties
  • Exhibitions
  • Schools & Nursery’s
  • Charity work
  • Weddings
  • TV and Film

Don’t worry if your event type is not listed please contact us to discuss your personal requirements.

Our reindeer are such a wonderful way to celebrate your event or pull a crowd into a winter event and because the boys are so well behaved in public they can be petted and loved for the ultimate hands on experience.