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A very special evening as we see the birth if our first baby reindeer if the year.

20140515-101350 am.jpg

Today we brought home the very pretty Sapphire (our chocolate coloured, female Alpaca) she is just one year old and is so very friendly she instantly bonded with the Boer’s.

Frankie one of our two miniature Shetland mares has given birth at exactly 7pm on Friday 29Th April 2011, it is so wonderful to have this very hansom little chap join our little family of animals.

We have decided to call him Alfie he is so beautiful but i can see the cheek in his eye already.

Today Richard and Ant went on a little road trip into the heart of Derbyshire and returned with our new addition to the Dinky Farm………the new Boer goats, originating from Africa they are bred as a meat goat ( don’t worry there’ll be none of that kind of stuff going on) we just thought it would be good for our school vist and public visitor to see something different not just our milking goats for a comparison of animals. The group consists of 2 three year old nannies ( Boudicca & Blaise) and there 4 nanny ( February born) kids Darby, Boer goats arrive ,Devi & Dallas.

They are Great!!!!


Tonight the local cubs are coming for a pre summer madness look around , they will be able to see some of the new arrivals before anyone else…. and possibly witness a totally new arrival one of the red cows looks pretty uneasy and could possible calf on demand for the Boroughbridge cubs!