Monthly Archives: March 2011


Tonight the local cubs are coming for a pre summer madness look around , they will be able to see some of the new arrivals before anyone else…. and possibly witness a totally new arrival one of the red cows looks pretty uneasy and could possible calf on demand for the Boroughbridge cubs!

Hello Everyone.

Today saw the arrival of our three little pigs, all girls Blue (cause she is blue and white),Georgie & Sheridan(no doubt it will be shortened to Sheri) look out for the pictures appearing in the gallery.

Hello everyone,

just thought that we would let everyone know that for the past two days Becky has been on a face painting course (courtesy of jolly good productions) it was a great course, highly recommended . So we will be available for small parties and also will be offering this service at select events throughout the year! watch out little ones……… :-) Check some of the photo’s out on facebook.